Seven Quick Takes: Parent Edition

Seven Quick Takes: Parent Edition

It’s hardly to believe we’ve been parents for almost a month, “officially.” I am not sure I feel like a real mom yet, but I’m sure that will change over time. It’s amazing that I can quiet Evie when she’s crying (I have the milk. ;). Gray went back to work when Evie was 8… Read more »

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  • She's wearing a two piece outfit today and looks so grown-up. #dailyEGS
  • I need to clear off this board to make way for Christmas cards.
  • "Hey honey, don't forget the whipped cream."
  • Not perfect, but it works.
  • Wearing all the fun onesies. :)  #dailyEGS
  • Isn't that the truth? #dailyEGS
  • Thanks to @overdramaticmel and Avery for the adorable onesie! #dailyEGS
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