Evelyn: Month Three

Evelyn: Month Three

This month’s photoshoot was done in the dress Gray picked out for the gender/sex reveal. I’m not sure when she will have a chance to wear it, so we enjoyed seeing how cute she is in a dress. Evelyn… Smiles on cue… or at least when we smile at her. Such a happy baby. Absolutely… Read more »

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  • Happy Friday! #dailyEGS
  • Month One
  • Month Two
  • Month Three
  • She loves it! #dailyEGS
  • I've been slacking on Evie photos. #dailyEGS
  • There is some definite muffin top going on but... pre-pregnancy jeans y'all.  Zipped and buttoned.
  • I am trying to do some nap time reading.
  • New haircut. :)